08.20 Registration and coffee
09.20 Welcome from IRN
09.30 Opening comments from the Chairman
09.40 Welcome from the Iranian Delegation
10.20 PRESENTATION: Utilising Free Trade Zones in Iran
10.20 Morning Networking Break

10.50 PRESENTATION: Prospects of financing on Iran’s transportation development
11.20 PANEL DISCUSSION: Iranian companies & partnerships: An overview of joint ventures in the Islamic Republic of Iran 
12.00 Networking Lunch Break
13.20 OPEN DISCUSSION: Doing business in Iran
15.20 Networking Afternoon Break

15.50 PRESENTATION: Boosting the private sector through a more robust corporate banking system
16.20 PRESENTATION: Energy as a service to fund/finance infrastructures and construction projects in Iran
16.35 PRESENTATION: Is Iran able to become a game changer in the gas market
16.50 PRESENTATION: A window of opportunity to create a new global institution/network the purpose of which is to mobilise public and private resources for research and development of resilience concept
17.20 Closing Remarks from the Chairman
17.30 Networking Reception

18.00 Gala Dinner

08.20 Registration and coffee
09.10 Opening comments from the Chairman
09.20 PRESENTATION: Diversifying Iran’s post sanction power development and plans for restructuring of the Iranian energy sector
09.50 CASE STUDY: Plans for the development of the Silk Road mega project; Investment opportunities available
10.20 Morning Networking Break

10.50 PANEL DISCUSSION: Assessing the challenges to operate in the Iranian infrastructure sector and balancing against the potential for foreign investors, operators and technology providers
11.30 PRESENTATION: Construction requirements and projects for tourism related development in Iran
12.00 Networking Lunch Break
13.10 OPEN DISCUSSION: Navigating banking, trade finance and payments with Iran
15.00 Networking Afternoon Break

15.30 PRESENTATION: Iran at a glance; Introduction of O.I.E.T.A.I.
15.30 PRESENTATION: Iran at a glance; Introduction of O.I.E.T.A.I.16.00 PRESENTATION: Masterplan and investments in IKIA Airport City
16.30 Closing Remarks from the Chairman
16.40 Closing Remarks from IRN